Collon Cura Lodge is about one hour from Chapelco or Bariloche Airport, almost in the middle of a high desert, Collon Cura Lodge offers private access to float the best sections of the biggest river in our area, the ” Collon Cura”


The Lodge was recently constructed, not a luxury lodge but it is comfortable and very functional, it is peaceful and pleasant, and its simplicity makes it perfect. Collon Cura accommodates a maximum 8 guests in double occupancy rooms with private baths.  They share a small living room. The main living area and dining room are in a separate building.

Guests will be served cocktails before dinners which are homemade style and served with wine.. The wonderful river lunches are complimented by the fresh vegetables from the Lodge’s own gardens and crowned by select Argentine wines.

Laundry, telephone, fax, limited internet access WI-FI and a computer for guest use


This river is recommended for beginners as well as experienced Anglers.

 More than 25 miles of Collon Cura river, plus channels and lagoons, are accessible by way of this huge ranch. The most common and easiest way to fish this river is drifting. The water speed and river structure is ideal for using low profile drift boats, skiffs, rafts and catarafts. Internal roads take anglers to different access areas allowing them to float a different section every day.(5 -30 minutes  from the lodge).For those who prefer to wade fish, there are several great runs reachable by car or they can always drift straight to them. For a dense population of 14 -22 inch Browns and Rainbows, there are slow pools, shallow and flat runs, riffles, and numerous channels and small lagoons.

Late December and January are best if you like light tackle and dry flies. During February, March and April is the migration of minnows which are followed by big Browns and Rainbows

Other Activities available:

Trekking, birding, guided tours of Bariloche or San Martin de los Andes Town, 7 lakes road, Lla Llao or Chapelco Golf. Some are included in the price of the stay while others are priced separately and some must be arranged before your arrival.

What to Pack:


Rods: take two rods as the fishing covers a large variety of large and small waters. These should include a 9 ft rod for #5 line and an 8 to 9 ft rod for #6 line. If you want to take just one rod, a 9-foot 6 weight rod will be the best middle-of-the-road choice.

Reels: Quality single-action reels (and spare spools) that hold the right line plus at least 100 yards of 20-lb backing will do the job on the streams in the San Martin and Esquel.

Lines: Weight-forward fly lines are generally best for Patagonia waters, and for much of your dry fly fishing, floating lines will serve you adequately. For most other forms of fishing you’ll be doing, include a 20-foot sinking-tip line (Teeny 150, Teeny 200 or 135 type) to be used with your wet fly, nymph and streamer outfit.

Leaders: For all around fishing of streamers, nymphs and wet flies, pack 7 ½-9 foot leaders (and appropriate tippet materials) in 0X (approx. 10 lb.) through 5X (4.5 lb.). General-use dry fly leaders should be in the 9-foot range in 2X-5X.

Flies: The following is a list of general-use flies for San Martin and Esquel.

Dry Flies: A broad selection of traditional patterns, size 10-16 for stream fishing, such as Wulff (Royal and others), Caddis, Hoppers, Ants, Beetles, Adams, Humpy, and Stimulators.

Streamers: Wooly Buggers with Crystalflash or Flashabou (black and olive), Muddler, Matuka (yellow, olive); size 2-6, especially 2-4.

Nymphs: In various patterns (weighted), especially brown olive and beige, either in traditional patterns, and also in the now popular bead-head versions. (Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tail, Prince and Flashback): sizes 12, 14, 16.

Waders: We suggest Gore-Tex stocking-foot waders made of nylon, which fold into a compact package. Lightweight wading shoes with felt soles are an excellent choice for Patagonia streams. Trips camping 1-2 nights, Some wade fish. Best time Nov-Early Feb..

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