Acute Angling is dedicated to providing you with the finest fishing trip in the Amazon. They focus on highly productive Peacock Bass, Payara, and Giant Catfish. You may choose from luxurious yacht trips, comfortable lodge or exciting safari camp accommodations. Fishing for the fiercest fish in South America in comfort, security and style is what Acute Angling is about.  


One choice for this trip is aboard the “Blackwater Explorer”. It is an attractive yacht which sails the Amazon basin in a quest for “Gold” – the Golden Dorado! It is of classic and graceful design and blends well with the pristine blackwater that is its home. More important, this yacht has been built to fish with a broad beam maximizing the functional interior space and keeping the length manageably short. There is also Lodge accommodation available and a Peacock Safari camp.           


The Fish legends are made of – the Peacock Bass a hurricane in scales! They hit harder than you would ever expect. So, be ready; they also run more explosively than any angler would anticipate, and fight harder than their size and weight would seem to justify. They can outlast unprepared anglers since they have more stamina than seems possible given the violence of their fight. While some of these features seem formidable they are actually habit forming to many an avid angler. Once you’ve “tasted the fight and flight the sparkle strike” – you’ll want to go back for more. Your guides will help with tackle, methods, techniques, and of course locating the Bass.  You can also choose a Payara fishing excursion or a Giant Amazon Catfish fishing expedition. Acute Angling offers all three.

Getting There

You will take an International flight into Manaus Brazil usually an overnight flight; spend 1 night in Manaus and then take a transfer to the Amazon Region.


Because of the remote location of this trip there not many additional activities once you leave Manaus, except of course photography from the rivers and nature observation.