Davidsons Safaris allow you Arnhemland free range game hunting 12 months of the year. They offer safaris tailored to your requirements. You may choose from three exciting hunt concessions featuring permanent, comfortable safari base camps. It is important to note that due to the proximity to the Eqator, Seasonal factors can affect hunt conditions, especially access to the best Buffalo country. The concessions are all south of the equator and there is a definite monsoonal season which delivers frequent intense tropical downpours between December and April, making vehicle access treacherous. The three hunting concessions are at south-central Arnhemland, north-west Arnhemland and North Goulburn Island. They offer an excellent choice of trophy animals. Other hunts by special arrangement include seasonal Duck hunting in north-west Arnhemland and Rusa Deer hunting on Groote Eylandt in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Most locations offer fishing opportunities that can be integrated with your hunting activities.


Comfortable and practical permanent base camps are strategically located in the hunting areas at both north-west and south-central Arnhemland. Each is well appointed and offers double occupancy tented accommodation, there are toilet blocks and shower units. Meals are hearty and nourishing, and evening meals include a limited range of wines and beers. Power is provided on-site by 240 volt generators. Special dietary needs can be catered to with plenty of time allowed to arrange a separate diet.    


Chief hunting guide Peter Davidson and his team guarantee successful hunts for trophy animals that include Banteng, Buffalo, Wild Boar and Wild Goat on the north-west Arnhemland, North Goulburn Island and south-central Arnhemland hunt concessions. Sambar Deer are very elusive and no guarantee of a trophy animal for this species, is possible, although many hunters are successful at gaining a trophy. Bow hunting and seasonal duck hunting can be arranged, and there are excellent opportunities to indulge in blue-water or billabong fishing during or at the conclusion of your hunt. Trophy hunting in the Top End of the Northern Territory is a tremendous challenge for the most dedicated sportsman. Massive and dangerous game animals inhabit the region you may even meet up with the fear inspiring salt-water Crocodile. There are series of hunting concessions which allow us to offer a unique range of hunts with trophy animals that include Buffalo, Banteng, Sambar Deer, Wild Boar and Wild Goat. We also offer spectacular fishing opportunities in north-west Arnhemland and at Bulman.. Buffalo are best hunted between May and November, while Sambar Deer, Banteng and Wild Boar make suitable trophy hunting throughout the year.                    

The use of handguns can be arranged (special permit required). Australian gun laws ban the importation of automatic and semi-automatic firearms into the country.   A variety of firearms are available for rent, including shotguns. A temporary Northern Territory firearms permit can be arranged for the duration of the client’s hunt.

Getting There

You will fly into Darwin then take a scenic flight from Darwin (one hour) to the Safari lodge.


Within a half hour’s drive from the lodge at Mount Borradaile you can;

  • Visit rock shelters including rock art that spans thousands of years and gives insight to the aboriginal way of life and how the techniques used changed over centuries.
  • Discover galleries of aboriginal rock art that show stories from more recent times of aboriginal contact with other cultures.
  • Hike through the savannah woodland, the ‘local supermarket’, and find plenty of local bush tucker and medicines.
  • Explore rainforest areas and discover a whole different ecosystem with an amazing array of plants and animals.
  • Take a dip in the pristine natural swimming hole (seasonal) or relax poolside back at the lodge.
  • Take a boat ride through the many water channels to see some of the more than  250 birds found in this region.
  • Try your hand at Barramundi fishing in Cooper Creek, take in the waterfall during the wet season – it is fantastic.
  • Spend a late afternoon on the billabong observing the wildlife including the many crocodiles that inhabit the watercourses, both estuarine and freshwater species.
  • Get back to nature, enjoy the wide open and crowdless spaces and fresh air and no traffic!