Overview of One Outdoors

What do we do?

I. We book outdoor experiences domestically and internationally.
II. We sell gear (if you would like to sell your gear on our site, please send us an email: info@oneoutdoors.org) as we will be launching our shop in due time.
III. One Outdoors donates 10% of net profits. 8% to Restoration Outdoors which is a nonprofit organization sending trauma healing individuals and groups on outdoor experiences & 2% is donated to conservation projects around the world.

What does the process look like?

A trusting relationship from start to never finished.

1. You want to go somewhere and do something fun for yourself or your group.
2. We set up a discovery call to see if our network of experiences and resources align with your desires and needs.
3. If we are aligned, we customize and book the experience.
4. We hold your hand through the travel process (there and back).
5. You helped a human heal from trauma and contributed to a conservation project.

What’s our competitive advantage?

While you pay the same price for your experience with or without us, we have discovered a way to leverage booking commissions and product sales to fund restoration experiences for individuals and groups who truly NEED healing.

Whether they be a pastor struggling with burnout from the church, a kid whose parent committed suicide and needs a break, or women getting out of sex trafficking rings and trying to find themselves again, our competitive advantage is our motivation to help those people heal, and we can do that through working with you! In essence, because you book a trip with us or buy products from us, which allows us to help others, you are our competitive advantage.


info@oneoutdoors.org for more details or to set up a discovery call about your experience