La Leyenda Lodge is located on the fertile Chaco plains of central Bolivia. This exceptional location is believed to be one of the best dove shooting destinations on the planet by many hunters. There are seemingly endless acres of soybean, sunflower, and sorghum fields surrounding the lodge. These fields hold millions of eared dove. This is shooting known not only for amount of birds, but for the well scouted shooting locations and exceptional team that keeps hunters under birds continuously. A beautiful newly built six bedroom lodge awaits the guests. The short flight from Miami is another attractive benefit to booking this great dove shooting trip.


Le Leyenda is a recently built lodge that accommodates up to 6 guests is located in  the Santa Cruz Province. Shooters are accommodated in quiet comfort and style. Each of the 6 comfortable bedrooms has a private bath. To add to your comfort, the lodge also offers a refreshing swimming pool and Jacuzzi to ease sore shoulders after a day of shooting. Partner this comfortable lodging with great food, service, and unbeatable hospitality, and we think Carlos and Olga Orlano have set a new standard in Bolivia shoots. The new La Leyenda Lodge has received nothing but kudos from guests. You will find nothing missing here. They keep the groups small because they specialize in catering to groups who want the best. 


La Leyenda Lodge is located right in the heart of the dove shooting area. This convenient location maximizes your shooting day as it eliminates long drives. Upon arrival at the lodge, you’ll have time for an afternoon shoot you will hunt each day after that until the last day when you can have your last morning hunt. The terrain at La Leyenda is extremely flat and surrounded by thousands of acres of agricultural fields of sunflower, sorghum, wheat, and various other crops that attract huge volumes of doves. This northern area of the Gran Chaco plains is similar to our American mid-west. Shooters will be positioned along flight lines between the roosts and the feeding areas (which are scouted daily by the lodge). Each field is bordered by a wide cortina of trees and brush which provides an ideal roosting and nesting habitat for the doves. The shooting in Bolivia allows hunters to experience several types of shot selections sure to satisfy each and every shooter. If high birds are to your liking, you can be situated in a venue tailored to your wants. The dove will fly over, through, and around offering all types of shooting opportunities.

Getting There

Santa Cruz is reached by an international one- or non-stop flight on American Airlines originating in Miami. You will arrive early-morning Santa Cruz, and be met by staff and transferred to the lodge in air conditioned vehicles on well paved roads. This is a trip of about 11 hour and 30 minutes.


Guests are not offered any planned activities at the Lodge.  There is a pool and a Jacuzzi for your use.

You may choose to add on to this trip with a visit to : Cuzco and Machu Picchu in Peru or La Paz and the sacred Lake Titicaca or even closer to Santa Cruz is Amboro National Park and the unbelievable Mataracu Tent Camp deep in the rainforest jungle. These would be an extra cost.