Overview – 

Estancia San Patricio is a traditional family owned estancia near Cañada Nieto in the grand sprawl of the Uruguayan countryside. Guests enjoy an exceptional blend of mixed-bag shooting that includes perdiz over pointers and setters and volume dove. The excellent shooting, combined with relaxed country estate living, make this a program that should not be missed by any avid wingshooter.

Your hosts, Raúl and O’Enone Aenlle, are experienced and personable and strive to please each and every guest. In the field, Raúl and his shooting staff are themselves avid outdoorsmen and dog enthusiasts. Together, everyone works to insure you will have a successful and a memorable stay in Uruguay.

Hunting – 

From May – July: The program calls for walk-up perdiz shooting in the morning followed by dove shooting in the afternoon. The outfitter also offers an option to substitute a perdiz shoot with a duck shoot (surcharge for duck shoot applies). From August – Septemer: Morning duck hunts w/ no surcharge. Afternoon dove shooting. From September – April: The program calls for dove shooting both morning and afternoon.

Accommodations – 

The newly remodeled estancia now offers 7 bedrooms and 7 baths. It offers old world hospitality and charm and new world conveniences.  This location is ideal for parties of up to 8 shooters. Parties of 6 or more secure the estancia exclusively; parties of less than 4 will likely be combined with smaller groups.

Activities – 

Gear – 

Clothing: Shooting clothes should be light green, green or brown. Pack a sweater or jacket in case it’s cool in the early morning and also a flannel or chamois shirt. We recommend you dress in layers and be prepared for possible rain (rain gear is always a must). For wet days and morning dew, rubber-bottomed leather boots or other waterproof boots are excellent. Others prefer Wellington boots; either are worn with field clothing consistent with the monthly temperature chart above and probable windy days. For the upland hunt (late April-July) be sure to include a down or fleece jacket, adequate head protection, gloves, wool socks,etc.

Footwear: The terrain is fairly level and ankle-height shoes or light boots are adequate. You may encounter some thorns while perdiz hunting. Waders are not necessary for the trip.

Recommended gear: trap or skeet shooter’s shell bag – attaches to your belt – especially handy for dove and pigeon shooting.

shooting safety glasses – also serve as sunglasses and should be the shatterproof variety. the green or yellow protective glasses that can be worn over regular glasses are good. they have a small side panel, which protects against glare.

shooting gloves – warm but sensitive – will prevent a lot of scrapes during rapid loading, hot-barrel shooting, etc.

gear plugs – ear protection is essential. many feel the expandable silicone plugs are best since they protect your hearing and help prevent headaches.

recoil reduction device – to wear under/over shirt or vest – a must for warm-weather dove shooting.

medication – most people have no stomach problems in this area of the world, but it’s a good idea, as when traveling anywhere, to pack medication for symptomatic relief. also, take aspirin (in case you get a shooting headache), band-aids for sore fingers from shooting, and other medication you normally use.