Estancia San Ambrosio is and clearly was a beautiful old estancia, formidable lands, power and grace. Located in Gualeguay, Entre Rios Province 3 hours from Buenos Aires, this family run homestead has been recently refurbished and is surrounded by parkland. It is close to white sandy beaches on the Gualeguay River. You will feel very much at home here at this great retreat and with its relaxing surroundings, and choice of activities. During your stay, you will discover the beauty of the landscape, which includes thousands of cultivated woodlands, and ideal weather, which together encourage the proliferation of dove and duck


Estancia San Ambrosio features 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. All of the rooms are light and airy with wood floors set against a backdrop of white walls and shutters. There is a spacious living room to enjoy with friends or other guests and TV room as well as a pretty patio, tennis court, swimming pool and 90 acres of parkland to enjoy. Delicious Argentine style meals are presented in the dining room and are accompanied by fine wines at the evening meals. Meals combine a mixture of Creole and international cuisine. At breakfast find homemade bread, jams and pastries with a fantastic selection of teas. The afternoon snack includes delicious homemade puddings (don’t expect to lose weight here!) and pies that can be enjoyed anywhere on the estate. There is an honesty bar in the living room allowing guests to help themselves to drinks throughout the day and, before dinner, drinks and canapés are served. 


Entre Rios, is a 3 hour drive north of Buenos Aires, it provides a perfect combination of warmth, care, and service, at one of the most spectacular and amazing places in Argentina. Thousands of miles of marsh, also called “banados”, offer fourteen duck species, amazing sunrises and unforgettable sunsets, all in an exclusive hunting environment. Being able to hunt many different species without driving to far from one place to another is one of the greatest advantages of this amazing province. You will have a designated bird boy, who will take care of any hunting need that you may have during your stay. As an experienced professional bird boy, he will be in charge of calling the ducks and recharging cartridges. The guides are bilingual and they will try to accommodate your personalized tastes and interests. Argentina has no limits when it comes to the hunting of doves, due to the threat that they represent to agriculture. The Duck hunting season goes from May through August. Combination hunts and customized package shoots are available.

Getting There   

You will fly into Buenos Aires, typically on an overnight international flight from the U.S. The Estancia is a 3 hour ride from Buenos Aires.


If you are not hunting you might enjoy horseback riding along the sandy beaches, pike fishing in the river, canoeing, swimming in the pool or just relaxing next to it, or bird watching. The more competitive might enjoy a game of tennis. Massages and hot stone treatments can be arranged at an extra cost but are the perfect way to end the day.

Argentina Duck hunting